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Recent statistics show that wine is the most popular alcoholic drink for UK adults, across all ages and regions in the country.  Thinking back to the UK’s industrial heritage who could have predicted such a change to consumers drinking habits?


Whilst these trends are heavily driven by the big supermarkets, we must respect the fact the very same people will be looking for the same brands, grapes and countries when they visit the on trade, hence the following trends:

  • USA                                       The most popular country, driven by Zinfandel

  • Australia                               The widest range

  • Sauvignon Blanc                 The fastest growing

  • New World                           Now outsells the old European countries

  • More Expensive Wine        Consumers are more confident

Hutton Wholesale carry over 200 wines in stock, but also have over 900 wines available

within our supply chain.


A full wine list design and print service is available free of charge, we carefully select these

wines based on the following criteria:

  • Country of origin

  • Grape varietal

  • Quality

  • Value

  • Consumer buying trends


Several members of our team are WSET qualified and we will be more than happy to give you free advice on wines that will work for your business.  As the old saying goes “make time for wine”, whether you personally drink it or not, your customers are looking for a quality offering and will pay a little extra.

Single Serve Wine


A fantastic concept that continues to grow and drive sales. Single serve wines offer your customer to "experiment" with wine without the hefty price tag of an unfamiliar large bottle. Freshness, convinience, variety and low cost are just some of the many guarantee's associated with single serve wines. Club Klass ticks all the boxes and is our lead brandin this exciting category.

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