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Traditional Cider


UK Law states that cider must contain at least 35% apple concentration.  In the USA its 50%, in France its 100%.  Clearly the UK’s cider makers had to respond to pressure from CAMRA who insist that “real cider” should be made from at least 90% apples.  Once again, not unlike real ale and driven by the smaller, traditional cider makers this category has exploded into a diverse, heritage driven industry.  Brands such as Westons Old Rosie and Thatchers Cheddar Valley have been joined by Moles Black Rat, Gwynt Happy Daze, Bunces Pigswill, Snailsbank and Lilleys to create a “fantastic world” of real ciders.  Packaged mainly in a convenient 20l bag-in-box with excellent shelf life this is another category that demands respect and recognition as more and more consumers seek quality products.

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