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Premium Spirits


Recent trends have shown that as people go out less, they treat themselves to better drinks and realise more and more that premium spirits are made with the very best ingredients.  Consumers appreciate the care and attention that goes into their products and are willing to pay a little extra.


Stocking a range of luxury spirits gives the consumer the opportunity to exercise this but also provides the licensees with increased GP and cash margin.


In the on trade premium spirits represent 42% of the market value, and that’s 50% in London – so half of every pound spent in a bar is spent on a premium spirit.  The following is merely an example of our vast range:



  • Vodka               -  Stolichnaya, Absolut, Belvedere, Ciroc

  • Gin                    -  Plymouth, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire

  • White Rum       - Wray & Nephew, Havana

  • Bourbon           - Wild Turkey, Woodfordes Reserve, Jim Beam

  • Dark Rum         - Woods 100, Goslings Black Seal

  • Whisky              - Isle of Jura, Macallan


Are you ready for the Rum Revolution?


The Crooked Eye story dates back to 1836 when Captain Abrahams Three Sail Schooner “The Crooked Eye” hit a reef in the Caribbean.  Fast forward over 100 years and the world famous spirit distiller Don Pancho (ex Havana Club) can be found in Cuba perfecting his skills and passion, producing thw award winning Crooked Eye Rum.
Available in White, Dark, Cherry and Spiced and recent winner of the platinum medal at California’s SIP awards, this delicious rum can be enjoyed with Cola, Ginger or as the old afficiando’s like to drink it ….Straight Up!!


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