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Craft Beer

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Craft Beers are in tremendous growth all over the UK.  These beers are filtered with tender loving care to ensure they retain their full flavour.  Research shows that consumers are looking for a better drinking experience and are willing to pay a premium for quality.  No other category bears this out more than craft beer.

Hutton Wholesale are proud to be associated with a number of well established local craft beer suppliers such as Thornbridge  who have won countless awards. We are also proud to be associated with a support young, up and coming innovative brewers such as “Heist Craft” and who can forget one of the fastest growing craft beer companies in the world “Brewdog”





Hutton Wholesale are proud to be nominated stockist of the UK's fastest growing and most innovative craft beer company.


If you feel draught craft beer is too big an initial step, please feel free to ask about our available range of over 50 bottled and canned craft beers...... brands include:


  • Brewdog Dead Pony

  • Brewdog Punk IPA

  • Brooklyn Lager



Get in early and join the craft beer revolution, call our office for installation requests, point of sale and branded glassware.

Recent fantastic additions to our Craft Beer portfolio are Beavertown and Tiny Rebel both who have firmly established themselves in this quirky, profitable and exciting category.

  • Crafty Dan

  • Flying Dog

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