In keeping with our quest for the unusual and quirky but staying heavily with the quality theme, we are proud to announce an association with Salty Dog Snacks

  • Made for the very finest potatoes

  • Hand Cooked

  • Using only sunflower oil

  • Fantastic imagery

  • Available in 4 great flavours: Sea Salt, Strong Cheddar & Onion, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar, Ham & Mustard

In addition to the great tasting crisps we are increasing our snack range to include:

  • Salty Dog Salted & Dry Roasted & Chilli Nuts

  • Gruntled Premium Hand Cooked Pork Crackling

  • Available in 3 great flavours Cornish Salt, English Mustard, Habanero Chilli

In 2002 Dave Willis decided crisps “could be done better”, many years later Salty Dog continue
to grow and continue to produce high quality snacks which as the TV adverts say “are not
available in the shops.”
This alone is a fantastic selling opportunity for you to drive more sales and increase your
profits without compromising quality.
Get on board this great journey and give your valued customers something a bit different.

We currently stock Kettle Chips the UK’s No.1 Hand Cooked Chip Brand.  The Premium crisps and snacks market continues to grow +6% year on year and Kettle dominates the “supermarket sector”.  Kettle is one of the UK’s most recognisable brands and what your consumers look for in the grocery sector they will welcome in the on-trade.




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