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House Spirits


We stock a core value brand across most of the spirit sector categories.  So whether you want to straight pour or mix with cocktails you can purchase with total confidence, with the knowledge that these have been carefully sourced with value, continuity and quality in mind.


Our product house spirit range includes:



  • Iseo Sambuca                 -  A full 40% strength Sambuca with 10 flavours

  • D&R Sours                       -  Available in 8 flavours

  • Leberkleister                   -  Herbal Liqueur

  • Armande Amaretto        -  Spirit based Almond alcohol content


Plus Many More ….



Think back a few years to a time when we all tried our first shot and the restricted range and choice available.  For most it would have been that tried and tested method of “tequila, lime & salt” … Wow, how things have changed.  Recently viewed mainly as another “recession buster” with endless supply of cheap, affordable low ABV products the shot market has developed into one of the industries most innovative and exciting categories and this train shows no sign of slowing down.


Bouyed by the ability to extract alcohol content from wine and restrict the duty burden to a minimum, many of the worlds biggest spirit companies now see this sector as a very profitable avenue for growth.


Make no mistake this market is here to stay and whilst ever consumers continue to try different flavours and experiences these products will continue evolving.


So whether you offer your customers the entry level lower ABV products such as Shuda, Corkys or Sourz or the more exotic flavourings of Bullit Black Jack, Bubblegum or Pear Drop or indeed your customers like the finer things in life such as Stolichnaya Jalapeno, Raspberry or Ciroc Berry or Coconut, Hutton Wholesale have a range to suit.

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