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Hutton Wholesale are an "approved drinks distributor" and has Wholesale Partner Status with all the major national breweries: Carlsberg, AB Inbev, Molson Coors and Heineken.  We stock a full range of Draught Lagers, Bitters, Ciders, and Stouts

Hutton Wholesale offer free, full technical service cover to all our draught customers as well as full installations support and brand merchandising for new draught products across the entire market

In order to allow our customers to make an informed choice and enable them to offer their cliental the best possible range, we have attached the latest industry statistics:


Draught Beer Sales By Category:


  • Draught Lager    58% -        3 out of every 5 pints sold, most important category on the bar

  • Premium Lager  14% -        564 million pints sold per year

  • Draught Beer     27% -        1/3 of all draught sold worth £1.5 billion

  • Draught Cider    10% -        1.75 million barrels (36g) over 950 pints per hour


In summary, big brands totally dominate the draught beer market and

have done so for the past 5 years.  All the following plus many more can

be purchased from Hutton Wholesale:


  • Fosters, Carlsberg, Becks Vier, Carling, Moretti

  • Amstel, Poretti, Stella, Coors Light, Peroni, Heineken

  • John Smiths, Tetley, Boddingtons, Stones

  • Strongbow, Strongbow Dark Fruits, Somersby

Draught Beer & Cider

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