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Speciality Beer


There remains an opportunity on every bar for what we would describe as a "Speciality Beer" either on draught or bottled. Products with history and heritage that are brewed to strict purification laws such as;

  • Frulli

  • Erdinger

  • Krombacher

  • Estrella

The most recent addition to our portfolio is Hofmeister Helles made to the Reinheitsgebot German beer purity laws

and recent winner of the IWSC best lager in THE WORLD category.

Or products that fit into a specific "themed" category that will definitely drink better accompanied by a quality meal;

  • Kingfisher         - Indian

  • Kirin                   - Japanese

  • Estrella              - Spanish

  • Birra Morreti    - Italian

This list is not exhaustive of our whole range, please feel free to call out office if you think these fantastic

beers could help your business.

Lagunitas Daytime is our newest addition to this category delivering a top quality IPA at a very drinkable 4% ABV

Lag .png
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