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Gluten Free

According to the NHS up to 45% of the UK's population could suffer from some form of food intolerence, that equates to approximately 25 million people.

Within that number 7% of the UK's population suffer from a form of gluten allergy effecting their digestive system.

Most coeliac sufferers are well aware of what foods to avoid when dining out but there is an ever increasing need for the license trade to adapt a range of products that not only cater for these people but actually encourage them to frequent the night time economy without the fear of falling ill.

At present we stock the following gluten free alcoholic prducts;

  • Draught Brewdog Vagabond

  • Bottled Estrella Daura

  • Bottled Hambleton G.F.A

  • Peroni Gluten Free

We have no doubt this category will continue to grow and Hutton Wholesale plans to be at the forefront of

the expansion.

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