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Packaged Beer


The original premium packaged lager, Holsten Pils first stormed the market in 1952, today the availability of packaged products is extremely diverse and Premium Packaged lager accounts for more than one fifth of the premium lager market, over 2000 cases are sold per hour in the UK.


These products are best divided into four main groups:


  • Lighter Tasting - (Sol, Corona, Bud)

  • Stronger Tasting - (Becks, Stella, Peroni)

  • Speciality Lagers - (Cobra, Estrella Damm)

  • Innovation Lagers - (Modelo)




Hutton Wholesale stock a whole range of packaged products covering all four areas, including Desperados, Budweiser, Corona, Sol, Peroni, Becks, Tiger, Cobra, plus many more, deciding which products to stock is determined by your clientele demographic.


Keeping up with innovation is a corner stone of any wholesale operation and Hutton Wholesale are keen to embrace and promote any new products.  Whilst the trend for launching new products may have dwindled a little in the past few years, the industry will always have an appetite to new variants or flavours and we will be at the forefront of this innovation.


We also have a range of bottled cask ales – so should your outlet require reliability and quality over quantity – then a bottled real ale offering is for you!  Local beers stocked by Bradfield, Kelham Island, Thornbridge – please feel free to request a product and we will do our very best to source.

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